Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CSO, CPM

Lt. Joseph Pangaro is a 27-year veteran police officer. He served his community as a patrol officer, detective, detective sergeant, and lieutenant. He is an FBI trained  Hostage/ Crisis negotiator, a Homeland Security trained Threat Assessor, master trainer, former Director of School Security, an author and an award-winning columnist and a nationally recognized expert in safety and security.

Lt. Pangaro received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairleigh-Dickinson University, Florham Park NJ where he also earned the professional designation of Certified Public Manager (CPM).

Lt Pangaro is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for the Integra Services company of New York where he provides threat assessments and staff training for schools, businesses, religious facilities, and anywhere people gather. He has won multiple Astors Homeland Security Awards for his assessments, police training, and other security related programs.

Lt. Pangaro owns and runs Pangaro Training, a provider of high-quality, cutting-edge police training. Classes are offered in person and online and most include the use of role players. Pangaro Training also offers a series of Online video training programs on a multitude of topics pertinent to law enforcement.

Lt Pangaro’s first two books are “The Interview” and “The Investigation”, are both published by Blue 360 Media. “The Interview” provides a complete understanding of the dynamics of conducting a thorough criminal interview. “The Investigation” is a brand-new way to teach the art of criminal investigation. Using the story of a brutal dou8ble homicide he investigated as a backdrop for the learning. He also has several books on Amazon related to the dangers of vaping and school security.

Lt. Pangaro has also created a Podcast network for law enforcement called “The Blue Heart Podcast Network” the audio version ca be found at and the video version is found on YouTube Joseph@Blueheartwebcast.     

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