Since 1985, Specialized Training Services (STS) has been a premier provider of exceptional training seminars, conferences, and home-study programs, and a publisher of leading books on contemporary topics.

With a focus on threat assessment and management and violence prevention, mitigation, and investigation, we offer in-person, virtual, and online training options that cater to professionals from numerous disciplines and environments, such as mental health, criminal and civil justice, law and law enforcement, government, corporate and Title IX, nursing, substance abuse treatment, and education. STS offers contemporary forensic and clinical programs, presented by well-known authorities. Books, recordings and related training materials may be purchased from our online store.

Specialized Training Services organizes, promotes and produces cutting-edge training seminars and conferences of the highest quality. World class experts, who possess subject matter command as well as gifted presentation skills, are combined with exceptional meeting management to produce a seamless and gratifying learning experience. Training workshops may be contracted to a specific organization or open to all.

Specialized Training Services has been awarded the “Excellence in Training” award from the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel and has been an approved provider of continuing education credits by the American Psychological Association since 1991.

We guarantee our programs to be of the highest quality.