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  • International Handbook of Threat Assessment, Second Edition

    • Written for threat assessors in a range of disciplines, from psychiatry and psychology to law enforcement, security, intelligence, legal, and human resources
    • Covers the latest research in the field including new empirical data, novel approaches to threat assessment, advanced theory, and high-profile case analyses
    • Discusses in-depth how threat assessment is the essential model for thwarting public figure attacks, mass murder, workplace violence, honor-based violence, and campus shootings
    • Specialists in threat assessment from around the world make this volume truly international in scope

    New to this Edition:

    • New chapters focusing on lone actor terrorism, insider threats, cyberthreats, and the use of artificial intelligence
    • Illustrates ways that everyday people can learn about warning signs for violence
    • Includes updated case studies that reflect the growth of evidence-based research in the field of threat assessment

    J. Reid Meloy and Jens Hoffmann.

    Second Edition published April 23, 2021.