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  • Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders” and “Sadistic vs. non-Sadistic Sex Offenders (DVD)


    This DVD has both of Dr. Anna Salter’s videos on one, easy to use DVD. Produced in a format that will work on DVD players worldwide, this DVD is fully indexed and catalogued by chapters for ease of use. It contains “Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders” as well as “Sadistic vs. non-Sadistic Sex Offenders” and a study guide for both. Combined into one DVD, the price is less expensive than purchasing both videos on VHS separately.

  • Understanding Nonverbal Communications (3 hrs)


    This unique ninety-minute, virtual presentation takes a fresh look at what we know about nonverbal communications and how they can be used in a professional, clinical or personal setting. The training focuses on those human behaviors that professionals must recognize which have a high reliability and are useful in assessing others. It will also provide a roadmap for conducting better, more empathic interviews and interpersonal communication.

  • Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner’s Handbook, Third Edition


    Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioners Handbook, Third Edition

    2019, 490 pages

  • Violence Risk and Threat Assessment


    230 pages, published 08/00 Perhaps the most readable and practical book on violence risk ever written. Reflects the standard of practice in the field. “Reid Meloy is a leader in the arena and I highly recommend this book to members of the criminal justice and mental health communities. He has written about a very complex…

  • Violence Risk and Threat Assessment


    8 CE hours available

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  • WAVR-21: Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk


    Email us at Info@SpecializedTraining.Com to inquire about our in-person and virtual WAVR-21 training options for your large or small group.

    This is the 3rd edition of this popular threat assessment tool. First published in 2007, the WAVR-21 has quickly become the go-to resource for threat assessment in the workplace, campus and community settings.

    The WAVR-21 is the first scientifically developed instrument for assessing risk of violence in the workplace. It was first introduced in 2007 and is currently in use in numerous Fortune 500 companies, large and smaller universities, secondary school districts, government agencies, and law enforcement and security departments throughout the US and Canada. With proper training, the WAVR-21 is an easy to use, highly effective tool for assessing risk and determining whether risk is increasing or decreasing, thereby assisting with the appropriate threat management response.

    The revised WAVR-21, Third Edition, features a coding form appropriate for all users in their risk screening or threat assessment roles. The instrument and manual content now address both campus and workplace contexts. The manual includes a new comprehensive Intake and Documentation Questionnaire, four extensive post-incident analyses of workplace and campus homicide cases, and updated and new material.

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    Developed by Stephen White, Ph.D. and Reid Meloy, Ph.D., this manual is packed with empirically derived criteria for accurately assessing risk. The packet includes the manual and five sets of coding forms for use in workplace violence risk assessments. The advantages offered by the WAVR-21 include:

    The WAVR-21 offers tools and resources for both clinicians and workplace threat management team members

    The WAVR-21 guides users in understanding and organizing relevant data

    The WAVR-21 allows users to document, monitor, and re-assess risk

    The WAVR-21 may be integrated into multi-disciplinary threat management strategies

    The WAVR-21 incorporates the “Pathway to Violence” threat assessment model

    The WAVR-21 reflects the current state of knowledge and standard of practice variables for workplace violence risk

    The WAVR-21 provides a defensible approach to risk management in any subsequent litigation

    For information on licensing the electronic version of the WAVR-21 for your organization, visit

  • Without Conscience


    Without Conscience

    1993, 236 pages

  • Youth Violence Prevention


    Preventing Youth Violence: The Pathway Back through Inclusion and Connection Published in 2022. John van Dreal, principal author, author of Assessing Student Threats, 2nd Edition This is a book about behavioral threat assessment that focuses on prevention and early intervention. It’s about thoughtful connection, inclusion, prosocial relationship building, and the restoration of meaningful and positive…