Personality Disorders: Progress in Understanding Etiology – Innovations in Assessment and Treatment (3.5 Hours)

Program description:

Research on personality disorder has increased considerably in recent years leading to fundamental changes in ideas about the structure, origins, classification, and treatment of this disorder. This talk will provide a broad overview of this work and its implications for assessment and treatment. Progress in understanding the dimensional structure of personality disorder will be discussed in terms of its implications for future classifications, assessment, and treatment planning. Traditional ideas that personality disorder arises from psychosocial adversity are being supplemented with an understanding of genetic influences on personality that have important implications for treatment and ideas about the nature of therapeutic change. It will be argued that these developments, along with the results of systematic evaluations of treatment outcome, point to the importance of an integrated and eclectic approach to treatment that combines strategies and interventions from different therapeutic models.

Workshop Content

  • Growth in empirical research and challenges to traditional assumptions
  • Nosology and Assessment: The limitations of categorical diagnoses and the emerging consensus on the dimensional structure of personality disorder
  • Implications for assessment
  • Application in treatment planning
  • Etiology: Personality disorder as a bio-psychological entity
  • Genetic and psychosocial influences on personality
  • The interplay of genes and environment in the pathogenesis of personality disorder
  • Implications for treatment
  • Treatment of personality disorder
  • Results of outcome studies
  • Importance of an integrated eclectic approach
  • Conceptualizing the treatment process

On Demand Video

Continuing Education (CE credit): 3.5 hours – watch the video, pass the test, print your certificate!

Presenter: John Livesley, M.D., Ph.D.

Venue: Live Conference Presentation

Location: San Diego, CA

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