The Juvenile Sex Offender (Second edition)


396 pages, published in 1993, 2005

While there has been an extraordinary amount of published research and theory on sexual assault by adult male offenders, little has been written about the juvenile or adolescent offender. Filling in a gap in the literature, this comprehensive volume provides a detailed examination of the juvenile offender and what is known about the development of sexually assaultive behavior.

Chapter Headings:

Chapter 1: Sexual Assault in Society: The Role of the Juvenile Offender

Chapter 2: Legal Responses to the Juvenile Sex Offender

Chapter 3: Exploring Characteristics for Classifying Juvenile Sex Offenders

Chapter 4: Where does Sexuality Come From? Normative Sexuality from a Developmental Perspective

Chapter 5: Sexual Assault through the Life Span: Adult Offenders with Juvenile Histories

Chapter 6: Pavlovian Conditioning Processes in Adolescent Sex Offenders

Chapter 7: The Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Development of Sexual Age Preferences in Males: Conceptual and Measurement Issues

Chapter 8: The Importance of Attachment Bonds in the Development of Juvenile Sex Offending

Chapter 9: Adolescent Sexual Aggression within Heterosexual Relationships: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Causes

Chapter 10: The Relationship Between Substance Use and Abuse and Sexual Offending in Adolescents

Chapter 11: The Conduct Disorders and the Juvenile Sex Offender

Chapter 12: The Developmentally Disabled Adolescent Sex Offender

Chapter 13: Treatment of the Juvenile Sex Offender within the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems

Chapter 14: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of the Juvenile Sex Offender

Chapter 15: The Pharmacological Treatment of the Adolescent Sex Offender

Chapter 16: Relapse Prevention with Sexually Aggressive Adolescents and Children: Expanding Treatment and Supervision

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