The Power of Prevention Bundle 3

On-Demand Video Threat Assessment Training

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Bundle 3 (1.5 hours) contains:

  • Module 4 – Proximal Warning Behaviors and the Pathway to Violence: Learn, in compelling detail, about the patterns of behavior that suggest accelerating risk toward planned violence. Filled with real world case examples, current research, and in-depth analysis.

This premium, on-demand, 18-module course offers world-class foundational education on pre-violence warning signs and risk factors; related stressors and triggers; mental disturbance and its relationship to targeted violence; personal grievance and ideological motivations; signs of potential imminent violence; gathering information, understanding social media impact, and avoiding various critical biases. This course will also teach practical threat assessment and management, offering instruction on the full life cycle of a case including intake, triage, critical threat assessment stages, changing levels of concern, full-spectrum threat management strategies, and responsible follow-up including case closure.

Price: $119.95

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