Forensic & Tactical Linguistics 101

On-Demand Video Training


Presented by Julia Kupper

This interactive workshop introduces the fields of Forensic and Tactical Linguistics. Participants have the opportunity to learn about diverse methodologies and apply their knowledge to a variety of language evidence. This includes written and spoken corroborations from international cases and interdisciplinary research in the form of targeted violence manifestos and live-streams, threatening letters, ransom demands, bomb threats, suicide notes, text messages and confessions.

The first module, Forensic Linguistics, is divided into three segments: the introductory part asks the audience to conduct forensic transcriptions of handwritten, typewritten and recorded language evidence to develop the skill of accurate observations. The following sections provide an overview of forensic authorship analysis and linguistic variation, with hands-on exercises comprised of different types of corroborations for the viewers.

The second module, Tactical Linguistics, focuses on linguistic threat analyses and illustrates several techniques that can assist in examining concerning communications. This entails detailed discussions and exercises on leakage, imminent threats and targeted violence communications. The final segment presents findings of a pilot study that analyzed the online and offline behaviors of three lone-actor terrorists prior to their attacks, including their language evidence.

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