Molly Amman, JD

Molly Amman, JD, is a retired FBI profiler specializing in threat assessment and management related to school and workplace violence, threatening communications, active shooter and other types of planned attacks, public figure threats, stalking and extortion, active crisis incidents such as riots and hostage scenarios, and more; she has extensive experience with both ideologically-motivated (terrorism) and personal grievance-oriented offenders. Molly has collaborated extensively with law enforcement and public safety partners both at home and abroad, intelligence agencies, professional organizations, members of academia, and private sector partners, in assessing threats of violence posed by individuals and groups. She has conducted training around the world and has authored several publications on topics related to threats and targeted violence, including co-authoring the FBI publication Making Prevention a Reality: Identifying, Assessing and Managing the Threat of Violent Attacks. Molly completed several long-term overseas deployments with the FBI to further US and allied threat mitigation and anti-radicalization efforts.  

Prior to joining the BAU as a profiler, Molly served as a faculty member at the FBI Academy, teaching communications, investigative interviewing, and detection of deception. Molly also served as a supervisor in the FBI Special Events Management Program, designed to manage public safety assets for crisis response and management, intelligence, and investigations in relation to major special events such as professional sports championships and Olympic games.

Prior to joining the FBI, Molly practiced law as a prosecutor in the Midwest, specializing in violent crime. Since retiring from FBI service in 2020, Molly is now engaged in private practice threat assessment and management. Molly collaborates with other threat management professionals, participates in research and publishing, and is a recognized leader in the field. She currently serves as the national Certification Chair for the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

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