Richard Lewak, PhD

Richard Levak, Ph.D., (aka Lewak) is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in personality assessment. Dr. Levak is a diplomate of the American Board of Assessment Psychology 
and a Fellow of the Society for Personality Assessment and the San Diego Psychological Association. He is the first author of the recently published “Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2”, 
and is coauthor of “Psychological Assessment with the MMPI-2”. He has lectured on assessment in clinical, forensic and media settings and is a recognized expert in providing 
therapeutic MMPI-2 feedback. Dr. Levak has been featured on national television and radio broadcasts, including Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper and Nightline. He was also involved in reality television for several years, providing casting input on a number of shows including Survivor, Apprentice, Amazing Race and Big Brother.

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