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  • A Comprehensive System for Preventive Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management in the Schools


    (Watch recording, take quiz, complete evaluation, and download CE certificate)

    Participants in the program will be supported to:

    1. Identification of key elements of effectively managing dangerous and problematic behavior.  
    2. Identification of varying levels of risk using the Student Threat Assessment and Management Systems model.
    3. Use of the Salem-Keizer Cascade Model to assess and inform violence risk in school settings.  
  • Dechefr Training Manual

    Dechefr Training Manual
    Coming in November, 2023
    Advanced Threat Assessment of Communications
    Leverage the power of AI and psycholinguistics to rapidly assess the threat level of written or transcribed communications.
    Created by Mind Intelligence Lab, Dechefr is a structured professional judgment tool that constructs a psychological profile to identify potential risk of targeted violence
    Individual and corporate subscriptions are available
    For a free demo of the Dechefr, visit
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  • The Power of Prevention


    This premium, on-demand course offers world-class foundational education on pre-violence warning signs and risk factors; related stressors and triggers; mental disturbance and its relationship to targeted violence; personal grievance and ideological motivations; signs of potential imminent violence; gathering information, understanding social media impact, and avoiding various critical biases. This course will also teach practical threat assessment and management, offering instruction on the full life cycle of a case including intake, triage, critical threat assessment stages, changing levels of concern, full-spectrum threat management strategies, and responsible follow-up including case closure. Threat assessment team composition, logistics and mechanics will also be covered, as well as common challenges and barriers to success. Special topics include intimate partner violence, K-12 school issues, and understanding threat assessment tools and their use.