Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Awareness Program

Video Training Program for Employees and Managers

Brought to you in collaboration with Dr. Marc McElhaney

Employee awareness is critical if an organization wishes to avoid the potential harm and costs of aggressive or disruptive behaviors. You cannot have an effective Workplace Violence Response and Prevention program without employee participation and support.

This succinct video program can be shown to all employees and supervisors as part of their initial orientation to the company or as part of ongoing employee or manager development.


Company employees can easily access and view this program online in through our website, receiving a downloadable certificate upon completion, or your company can purchase it to place on its own training platform.

The program is currently available in six languages: Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and German.

The program can be completely customized, so that it is consistent with the company’s image and message – and will have the appearance of your own company-designed video.

  • Employee-specific training
  • Management-specific training
  • Active assailant training

There is a “Train the Trainer” package available as well.

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