Body Language II: Let’s Face It – The Face & Facial Expressions

On-Demand Webinar

Why is emotional expression so special and important in communication? Learn why in this exclusive 1-hour recorded webinar led by world-renowned psychologist Dr. David Matsumoto. He provides the neuroanatomy and musculature of the face and explains the many, many things that faces do. Essential information for interviewers at all levels.


Presented by Dr. David Matsumoto, topics include:

  • The neuroanatomy and musculature of the face
  • The many different things that faces do
  • Why emotion expression is so special and important

In this one hour presentation, Dr. Matsumoto begins by explaining in the neuroanatomy and musculature of the face through illustrations and figures. He further explains how facial muscles are very special and how the neural circuitry of the brain affects emotion signaling.

Dr. Matsumoto then addresses FACS coding, the function of facial expressions and his definition of emotions. He explains why emotions are so important and elements of the basic emotion system. He also briefly discusses microexpressions, what they are and why they occur.

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