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  • California Senate Bill 553

    SB-553 Occupational safety: workplace violence: restraining orders and workplace violence prevention plan was signed into law in California in September, 2023.

    California Employers will need to be in compliance by July 1st, 2024. Expect other states to follow suit.

    Email info@SpecializedTraining.Com to find out how we can help you be in compliance with the law and protect your employees.

    See the text of the bill HERE


  • On-Demand Video WAVR-21 Training presented by Stephen White PhD

    NEW, On-demand video, 5-hour, small-group training on the WAVR-21 V-3, presented by Stephen White, PhD–one of the developers of the tool.

    Access is limited to small groups. Contact info@SpecializedTraining.Com for more information.

    For more information on the WAVR-21 V-3, or to purchase the manual or coding booklets, Click Here.

  • The Power of Prevention


    On-Demand Video Threat Assessment Training

    This premium, on-demand, 18-module course offers world-class foundational education on pre-violence warning signs and risk factors; related stressors and triggers; mental disturbance and its relationship to targeted violence; personal grievance and ideological motivations; signs of potential imminent violence; gathering information, understanding social media impact, and avoiding various critical biases. This course will also teach practical threat assessment and management, offering instruction on the full life cycle of a case including intake, triage, critical threat assessment stages, changing levels of concern, full-spectrum threat management strategies, and responsible follow-up including case closure.


    Presenters: Reid Meloy, PhD, ABPP      and     Molly Amman, JD

    Bundle 1 (1 hour) contains:

    • Module 1 – Introduction: The course introduction outlines the course content, provides some fundamental concepts, and discusses recent case law in threat assessment and management.
    • Module 2 – Understanding Planned Violence: This module explains different modes of violence and how they intersect with biology and behavior, offers explanatory case examples, and addresses threats versus violence.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 1 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 2 (1 hour) contains:

    • Module 3 – Risk Factors for Violence: Gain an in-depth understanding of how risk factors can create a future vulnerability to considering planned violence, with research findings and case examples.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 2 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 3 (1.5 hours) contains:

    • Module 4 – Proximal Warning Behaviors and the Pathway to Violence: Learn, in compelling detail, about the patterns of behavior that suggest accelerating risk toward planned violence. Filled with real world case examples, current research, and in-depth analysis.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 3 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 4 (1 hour) contains:

    • Module 5 – Signs of Imminence: This succinct module describes those behaviors which appear to be associated with a short period before violence could unfold.
    • Module 6 – Stressors and Triggers: Events or circumstances with the potential to degrade a person of concern’s coping abilities are described, along with a framework for analysis and case example
    • Module 7 – Threat Reducing Factors: Facts, circumstances, or even personal attributes of the person of concern that may operate to reduce violence potential are described and explained.
    • Module 8 – Violence Risk and Threat Assessment Instruments: These important tools are categorized and explained, along with examples in each category and a source for additional information.
    • Module 9 – Deciding on a Level of Concern: This module offers a framework by which the threat assessor may consistently assess and label cases, which is a key to effective communication and appropriate action.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 4 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 5 (.75 hour) contains:

    • Module 10 – Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence: Unparalleled analysis and explanation of stalkers, stalking behaviors and violence, and key aspects of intimate partner violence for threat assessors.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 5 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 6 (.5 hour) contains:

    • Module 11 – Avoiding Cognitive Biases That Derail Assessment and Management: Different forms of bias are revealed and explained, to enable threat assessors to avoid them in case work.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 6 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 7 (1.5 hours) contains:

    • Module 12 – Information Gathering and Interviewing: An important discussion of data in threat assessment investigations and how this concept differs from other types of investigations. Special tips for interviewing the subject of inquiry.
    • Module 13 – Social Media’s Place in Threat Assessment: Describes the ways in which social media relates to on-the-ground behavior, plus key psychological and behavioral concepts.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 7 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 8 (1 hour) contains:

    • Module 14 – Threat Management: Informed by the assessment, threat management is the key to altering the course of events. This module describes the threat management spectrum of options, illustrated by numerous case examples. Particular attention is paid to safe  and future-oriented terminations, expulsions, and long suspensions..
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 8 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 9 (.5 hour) contains:

    • Module 15 – Special Considerations in the K-12 Environment: Special characteristics of the K-12 environment are discussed, along with zero tolerance policies, K-12 threat assessment structured professional judgment tools, and attachment and its relationship to targeted violence by juveniles. Particular attention is paid to safe  and future-oriented terminations, expulsions, and long suspensions.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 9 only, please Click Here

    Bundle 10 (1.25 hours) contains:

    • Module 16 – Threat Assessment Mechanics: This crucial module describes each step—and the reasons for them—in the lifecycle of a threat assessment and management case, from intake to case closure.
    • Module 17 – Setting Up your Program and Threat Assessment Team: This module is for anyone responsible for writing or evaluating workplace violence prevention policy, establishing a program, or setting up a threat assessment team. It also addresses maximizing bystander reporting of concerning behavior
    • Module 18 – Overview of the Threat Assessment and Management Arc: Review of the threat assessment and management process, discussion of resources for networking, knowledge and training, and final thoughts of the presenters.
    • If you’d like to purchase Bundle 10 only, please Click Here

    Purchase the whole 10-hour package for $729.95   or CLICK HERE for the Continuing Education hours version

  • WAVR-21 and Advanced Threat Assessment Training


    Specialized Training Services is proud to present a three-day Advanced Threat Management Training in Seattle, Washington, and Virtually via Zoom on October 1, 2 and 3, 2024.

    The three-day event will include a one-day training on Assessing Threats and Violence Risk on Campus, in the Workplace & Community with the WAVR-21 with Dr. Stephen White  Click Here to learn more.



    AND a two-day training on Advanced Threat Assessment & Threat Management: Front Line Defense for Evolving Threats with Dr. Reid Meloy.

    Click Here to learn more


    Register for in-person or virtual and for October 1st only, October 2nd & 3rd only, or for all 3 days. 

    ***You will be emailed a registration form after purchasing your enrollment***

    If attending the WAVR-21 training, the authors recommend that you purchase the WAVR-21 Manual (which comes with 5 coding packets) in advance. WAVR-21 Manuals are not included in the price of the training. WAVR-21 Manuals and additional coding packets can be purchased HERE

    The trainings will take place from 8:30 a.m. until approximately 4:30 p.m. Pacific time on each day (with a break for lunch). Lunch will be provided. In-person training will be held at the Von Vorst building in South Lake Union. 426 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA  98109

    There are up to 21 hours of APA and 7 hours of SHRM Continuing Education Credits available.

    Virtual Attendees: A Zoom link will be emailed 24 to 48 hours before the training to the email address you provide on your registration form.


    • IN PERSON October 1st WAVR-21 Training Only          $375
    • IN PERSON October 2nd & 3rd Only                            $495
    • IN PERSON All 3 Days                                                   $695
    • VIRTUAL October 1st WAVR-21 Training Only              $340
    • VIRTUAL October 2nd & 3rd Only                                $450
    • VIRTUAL All 3 Days                                                       $650

    (Early Bird Pricing is available through July 31st, 2024). ATAP and ASIS Members: Take an additional 5% off with Coupon Code: Seattle5



  • Workplace Violence Prevention

    Workplace Violence Awareness Program

    Video Training Program for Employees and Managers

    Brought to you in collaboration with Dr. Marc McElhaney

    Employee awareness is critical if an organization wishes to avoid the potential harm and costs of aggressive or disruptive behaviors. You cannot have an effective Workplace Violence Response and Prevention program without employee participation and support.

    This succinct video program can be shown to all employees and supervisors as part of their initial orientation to the company or as part of ongoing employee or manager development.


    Company employees can easily access and view this program online in through our website, receiving a downloadable certificate upon completion, or your company can purchase it to place on its own training platform.

    The program is currently available in six languages: Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and German.

    The program can be completely customized, so that it is consistent with the company’s image and message – and will have the appearance of your own company-designed video.

    • Employee-specific training
    • Management-specific training
    • Active assailant training

    There is a “Train the Trainer” package available as well.

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