John Livesley, MD, PhD

Dr. John Livesley is Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia having previously been Professor and at one time Head of the Department of Psychiatry. He obtained a Ph.D in psychology from the University of Liverpool in 1969 and a medical degree from the same university in 1974. Subsequently, he trained in psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh. He has held academic appointments in psychology at the University of Liverpool and in psychiatry at the Universities of Edinburgh and Calgary.
Dr. Livesley’s research focuses on the classification, assessment, and aetiology of personality disorders and the development of an integrated approach to treatment. He is a Fellow the Royal Society of Canada and editor of the Journal of Personality Disorders. He has served as advisor to the DSM-III-R and DSM-IV and is a member of the DSM-V Working Group on the classification of personality disorder. He has made empirical and theoretical contributions to the literature on personality disorder including several books: Practical Management of Personality Disorder (2003) and three edited books – DSM-IV Personality Disorders (1995), the Handbook of Personality Disorders (2001), and Severe Personality Disorders (2007; co-edited with Bert van Luyn and Solaman Akthar).

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