Stanley Brodsky, PhD

Stanley L. Brodsky is Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama where he coordinates the Psychology-Law Ph.D. concentration. He is the author or editor of thirteen books and about 200 articles and chapters, mostly in psychology applied to legal issues. Among other honors, he has been the recipient of the Distinguished Contribution Award for Outstanding Achievement in Forensic Psychology by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. His books, Testifying in Court, The Expert Expert Witness, and Coping with Cross-Examination, were published by the American Psychological Association. In 2009, he wrote Principles and Practice of Trial Consultation, and just released in 2011, Psychotherapy with Coerced and Reluctant Clients. He directs the Witness Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology and he maintains an independent practice in forensic and clinical psychology. He is a frequent leader of workshops on court testimony and he is considered by some observers to be the nation’s premier expert on court testimony.

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