The Power of Prevention Bundle 8

On-Demand Video Threat Assessment Training

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Bundle 8 (1 hour) contains:

  • Module 14 – Threat Management: Informed by the assessment, threat management is the key to altering the course of events. This module describes the threat management spectrum of options, illustrated by numerous case examples. Particular attention is paid to safe  and future-oriented terminations, expulsions, and long suspensions..

This premium, on-demand, 18-module course offers world-class foundational education on pre-violence warning signs and risk factors; related stressors and triggers; mental disturbance and its relationship to targeted violence; personal grievance and ideological motivations; signs of potential imminent violence; gathering information, understanding social media impact, and avoiding various critical biases. This course will also teach practical threat assessment and management, offering instruction on the full life cycle of a case including intake, triage, critical threat assessment stages, changing levels of concern, full-spectrum threat management strategies, and responsible follow-up including case closure.

Price: $79.95

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