Assessing Risk of Juvenile and Young Adult Violence (3.5 Hours)

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Program description:

There has been a swell of concern among the public and among professionals working in schools, juvenile justice, law enforcement and behavioral health services about violent behavior among children and adolescents. There is a need to advance the practice of assessing violence risk in juveniles to parallel the progress made in assessing adults, and to develop a systematic and thoughtful approach to assessing situations where an adolescent may come to official attention because of some threatening or otherwise inappropriate communication or behavior of concern.

This presentation addresses precisely those issues and will review recent trends in youth violence, summarize and distill twenty years of research on violence risk factors in youth, and discuss principles for conducting an effective, developmentally-informed risk assessment for youth including the use of structured assessment instruments. Special attention will be given to distinguishing between assessments of risk for general violence and those for targeted violence. The training will also help participants to understand the current “state of the science” in providing effective interventions for youth violence .

Child/Adolescent Development and Violence Risk
Types of Aggression in Youth
Risk Factors for Violence in Adolescents
Understanding and Assessing “Psychopathic Traits” in Youth
Risk Assessment vs. Violence Prediction
Principles for Effective Risk Assessment
Targeted Violence and Threat Assessment
Current Approaches to Assess Risk for Targeted Violence
Principles of the Threat Assessment Approach
Principles for Conducting an Effective Threat Assessment
What works in Treating Violent Adolescents

Presenter: Randy Borum, Psy.D.

Venue: Live Conference Presentation

Location: San Diego, CA

This video is from a 2008 live conference presentation and is largely unedited. In some cases you may not hear a question asked by a participant however, in most cases the presenter will repeat the question.


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