Body Language I: Reading People – The Big Picture

On-Demand Webinar

What is body language and why is it so important? Learn the answer in this exclusive 1-hour recorded webinar led by world-renowned psychologist Dr. David Matsumoto.

Dr. Matsumoto provides a brief overview of nonverbal communication and outlines the messages and functions of nonverbal behavior. Essential background information for interviewers at all levels.


Presented by Dr. David Matsumoto, topics include:

An overview of nonverbal communication

What body language and nonverbal behavior are

The messages and functions of nonverbal behavior

What you can glean from reading body language

In this 1 hour presentation, after a brief overview of nonverbal communication, Dr. Matsumoto explains how body language/nonverbal behavior fits into the bigger framework of reading people, focusing on the fact that there’s more to reading people than just body language and that behavioral traces such as smartphone data can give us insights into the personality of an individual.

Dr. Matsumoto then explains more in detail his definition of what body language is and provides a basic framework for reading nonverbal behavior. There are many messages that are signaled by nonverbal behavior that are conveyed through various nonverbal channels such as face, hands, voice and whole body.

Finally he explains what kinds of insights can be gleaned by reading body language or nonverbal behavior.

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